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Aesthetic Food Pictures

The Ideal Instagram Post Ideas

While scrolling through social media, chances are you’ll be running into a couple of aesthetic food pictures from your favorite influencers or friends. At times you’re probably stuck trying to make sense of how they were able to get that perfect shot. Here we’ll be giving you some tips on how to get the ideal insta-worthy photo of all of your favorite meals.

"We'll be giving you tips on how to get the ideal insta-worthy photo of all of your favorite meals."


It’s likely that you’re using your phone when trying to capture some insta-worthy food shots. But we tend to forget that although our phones are not as high quality as professional cameras -- good lighting can truly make or break your shot. The difference between a photo that looks like it was taken on your phone, versus one that looks professional can all come down to your lighting.

"Good lighting can truly make or break your shot."

Avoid taking your photos under any glaring lights overhead, or anywhere that may cast a shadow over the shot of your food. These two tips alone can help you make sure that the food shot is clear, and visible without any distracting elements. We also recommend that you look for a spot in your house, or the restaurant that offers some natural light. You can even go outside to get that perfect lighting. This helps avoid the yellowish dim that overhead lights can create.

Pro tip: In the case that your photos need to be taken inside someplace like your home, you can purchase a ring light that has different light settings. This will allow you to mimic that natural light element as well.


When trying to get that perfect shot you must avoid using flash at all costs! This will only create a glare over your photos and can make your final shot look overexposed. It’ll also cause your background to look darker and create an un-lively looking photo. Not to mention using the flash while taking pictures of your meals at a restaurant will likely disrupt others who are eating around you. Instead opt for that natural lighting as we mentioned before.

"Avoid using flash at all costs!"


Getting that perfect angle when trying to take an insta-worthy food shot can be hard. So when in doubt, take a shot from overhead. This allows you to get a full scope of your delicious meal. By taking your shot overhead, you can also place cute props around your dish to accentuate the shot of your food. What’s great is that most props are likely already at your table. Props include items like a drink that you can place beside your meal or even cute silverware that you can purposefully place next your dish.

Overhead Food Picture
"Trying to get an insta-worthy shot can be hard... so when in doubt, take a shot from overhead."

Pro tip: Buying an adjustable tripod that allows you to place your phone overhead of your food is also a great tool. Not to mention, you can use it for other photos in various different angles as well.


Be patient, take your time, and remember it takes time to make the magic happen! The more photos you take, the more options you’ll be able to choose from when you decide you want to show off your delicious food to your followers, friends, and family. And let’s face it-- we usually don’t get the perfect photo on the first try, so why not shoot multiple shots?


Let’s talk about the food itself.

How does it look? The fresher your food looks, the better. Colors and texture look amazing in food photography, so try adding some bright and distinctive colors to beef up your photo, and consider pouring some melting chocolate or cheese to capture an action shot. Fruits and vegetables can provide pops of color to any plate. You can even try cutting your food into abstract or unique shapes to make it really stand out on someone’s feed.

Action Shot
"The plate should always be the star of the show."

Remember to avoid overcrowding your plate. Instagram-friendly photos aren’t busy and chaotic; keep a minimalist mindset when you make your plating decisions. Grab a shiny set of silverware or a dreamy-looking cup of your favorite beverage to make your picture stand out. These types of props can go a long way, but don’t overdo it! You can easily distract from the main focus: the food. Be cautious to not draw the eye in too many directions; the plate should always be the star of the show.

Pro tip: if your plate seems too full you can either reduce the portion size, or simply find a bigger plate.

Keep an eye on what’s currently popular. Food trends are constantly changing, so make sure to see what looks creative, new, or different.


When it comes to finalizing your photos to post, it’s easy to go overboard when editing. Our biggest advice is to enhance what’s naturally there. Popular editing apps like Lightroom and VSCO are used to easily modify and retouch images while maintaining their quality. Try adjusting simple aspects of your photos, like exposure, clarity, and vibrance. Exposure affects the brightness of your image, which can come in handy if you want your work to look light and airy, or dark and moody. Clarity will give shades in your image some contrast and add detail. And adding vibrance is a subtle way of enhancing the less-saturated colors in your photo without intensifying the ones already saturated.

Taking A Photo

"Enhance what’s naturally there. "

Regarding your feed as a whole, cohesion is key. Establish cohesion between your individual posts-- all of your photos should complement each other. Successful or popular accounts always have a consistent style or theme, whether it’s using the same filters, making the same small edits, or having the same black marble table in the background. When you’re taking and editing your photos, reflect on the relationship between your individual photos and your gallery as a whole.

Instagram Profile Feed

Food photography is first and foremost an art. At the end of the day your personal style is what makes your photos unique. Add elements to your photos that will seem more genuine to your style, and the overall aesthetic that you are striving to achieve on your social media accounts. Your photos should represent your authentic style and personality. Discover angles, colors, and aesthetics that speak to you. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out Toasty’s instagram page!

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Theo Hernandez
Theo Hernandez
11 hours ago

Вести діалог з приводу новин неаби як круто, бо таким чином, ми можемо запросто дізнатися про те, що кожен з нас думає, про ту, чи іншу подію, ти самим виказавши свою точку зору та знайшовши об'єктивну позицію, що до будь якого питання. Також велику роль у цьому відіграє якість новинного порталу, бо саме завдяки тому, що ви будете читати якісні, перевіренні та актуальні новини, ви будете відповідно більш об'єктивними при аналізі подій. Мені пощастило, що я використовую новинний портал, котрий надає мені всю актуальну та перевіренну стрічку новин, завдяки його роботі, я без проблем читаю новини Куп'янська, а також інших міст своєї країни, що надає мені розуміння того, що наразі відбувається на теренах моєї країни. Говорячи про новини…


A very nice article, especially nowadays these photos of food are popular, very aesthetic photos in some cases, which you just want to join, as for me, photos are most actively uploaded to the network before big holidays, for example, the christmas dinner images is the most common one I see on the network, personally, in comparison with other holidays, because it is such a holiday, everyone wants to demonstrate their wealth and the ability to make such a lavish table in every sense.

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