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It's back!!! Win UNLIMITED Avocado Toast for a YEAR!

What to do in San Francisco this weekend?

Avocado toasts san francisco brunch
Win UNLIMITED avocado toast for a YEAR!

YES! Guess what?! You can be the lucky winner to get UNLIMITED Avocado Toast for a year!

Why are we giving such a BIG prize? The answer is simple, we are excited to celebrate National Avocado Day this year.

For #NationalAvocadoDay2022 we will be having a party and hundreds of smashed avocados!


Our HQ, #Avotoasty, located in Union Street will have fun music, raffle prizes, games and of course avocado toast! Haven't heard about us? We are #SanFrancisco's Home of Avocado Toast, we specialized in making artsy avocado toast, we believe that we eat with our eyes and our phones first.

At Avotoasty we believe in making calories count (without counting them), by constantly serving fresh & real food that is almost, just almost too pretty to eat and totally Instagram-worthy. Or should we say Tik-Tok worthy?

We will be celebrating on Sunday, July 31 from 8am to 5pm.

What to expect?

  • #Avocado #Toasts

  • Avocado Prizes

  • The chance to WIN ultimate avocado toast for a year! YES, for ONE YEAR!

We are sure the next question is... how do I enter the #dreamiest raffle ever? Very simple!

  1. Visit and celebrate with us National Avocado Day 🥑

  2. Sign up for the raffle at the counter

  3. One Lucky Winner will be announce via Instagram on Monday, August 1st at 7pm

Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with the latest details @avotoastysf

*Limited to one avocado toast per day, non-transferrable

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