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What kind of toast are you based on your zodiac sign?

Your next brunch is written in the stars…


Unicorn toast! As an Aries, you are brave and independent — just like a magical unicorn. You are unique, just like a brightly colored toast dusted with rainbow sprinkles. As someone who is often frustrated by complications, a simple cream cheese spread is perfect for you. With your fearlessness and courage, you aren’t afraid to try something new — so bring on brightly colored breakfast foods! We recommend pairing a Unicorn Toasty with a cold iced matcha to complete your rainbow brunch.

Avocado Toast Fancy Toast San Francisco Brunch

Unicorn Toasty by Toasty


Classic avotoast! Tauruses are known for their trustworthiness and practicality, which makes a simple, tried and true slice of avocado toast the perfect choice for you. As someone who loves the simple comforts of life, creamy avocado on toasted sourdough is your ideal match for a brunch date. You’re always searching for the best Instagram pic to show off your luxurious foodie lifestyle, and what says insta-foodie better than a beautiful avocado toast?

Avocado Toast Fancy Toast San Francisco Brunch Breakfast near me

Naked Toasty by Toasty


Bruschetta toast! As the twin star sign, our bruschetta toasty is perfect for you because it offers the delicious combination of mozzarella cheese and cherry tomatoes! Versatile and curious, you love trying out new foods — Italian-style avocado toast? Sign me up!! You’re known for having a big personality so naturally you deserve a toast that combines the best of both worlds. Add a little balsamic drizzle to top it all off and you have the ideal breakfast!

Avocado Toast Fancy Toast San Francisco Brunch

Bruschetta Toasty by Toasty


Plain toast! Cancers are known for being supportive and loyal — and what is more supportive than the base of all other toasts? Like Cancers, plain toast is the one that you turn to first and the one that is always there for you. Plain toast is the backbone of breakfast; it goes with everything, just like how Cancers get along with everyone.


A champagne toast! Passionate, spontaneous and playful, regular toast just wasn’t an option for you. With your exuberant personality, cheering your girlfriends over an insta-worthy brunch is the best way to start your weekend. Like everything in life, you’re taking a fun spin on the “toast” theme and looking forward to conquering the day with some bubbly!

Image by NBC News


Veggie toast! The wise choice for a humble, responsible Virgo is to go with the healthy option — without sacrificing taste of course! Creamy avocado and delicious veggies will keep you looking and feeling your best throughout the day. As a sign known for its intelligence, you understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, so bring on the cucumber, tomatoes, and avocado!

Avocado Toast Fancy Toast San Francisco Brunch

Veggie Toasty by Toasty


Nutella toast! As an easy going, charming Libra, this sweet yet simple toast is calling your name. A thin spread of nutella on toasted sourdough garnished with a signature Toasty flower satisfies your need for balance and beauty. For the perfect breakfast combination, we recommend pairing a nutella toast with a refreshing drink — maybe an ice cold latte?

Avocado Toast Fancy Toast San Francisco Brunch

Toast with Choice of Spread by Toasty


Almond butter toast! Scorpios are extremely passionate about what they care about, like finding healthy eating options without sacrificing great taste! Almond butter is a fantastic choice for Scorpios because it is healthy and delicious, particularly on crisp toasted sourdough. As someone who is driven and hardworking, you need an energized start to your day — and nothing says energy like a protein-packed nut butter!


Toasty’s Breckie toast! As a Sagittarius, you are ambitious and are not afraid to take on a lot at once, so a toast that combines coconut, strawberry, and banana seems like the perfect brunch for you! As an optimist who embraces change, you will love the Breckie Toasty because you can have it three different ways — with nutella, peanut butter, or almond butter!

Breakfast Brunch San Francisco

Breckie Toasty by Toasty


Jam toast! Capricorns are known for being very patient and strategic, and jam toast is a classic go-to breakfast that’s always been there for you. As a practical person, you do not have much time to waste with overdone breakfasts; a simple jam toast is just what you need to get going with your busy day! Oh… and maybe a cup of coffee, because let’s be realistic: toast is delicious but sometimes we need a little caffeine to get ourselves going.


Eggy toast! Clever and inventive Aquarius deserves one of the best combinations of our day: avocado toast topped with a poached egg and dusted with paprika! This nutritious meal is an amazing way to start your day; why waste time with eggs and a side of toast when you could combine the two and add avocado to the mix? Sounds genius to us.

Avocado Toast Fancy Toast San Francisco Brunch

Eggy Toasty by Toasty


And last but certainly not least — Pisces is peanut butter toast! Pisces are known for catching feelings, so naturally PB toast is your toast sign. After all, who didn’t fall in love with peanut butter the moment they tasted it? We could never grow tired or move on from a love as great as ours with peanut butter. Spread it thinly over some sourdough toast, combine with a nice cold brew, and enjoy!

Image by Eat This Much

Will you follow what's in the stars? Don't forget to visit to visit us at 2760 Octavia St, San Francisco, CA 94123 for perfectly crunchy avocado toasts, acai bowls, salad bowls and delicious Sightglass Coffee.


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