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WTF are Espresso Drinks?

Who wouldn't love to start a day in San Francisco having a cup of joe?

San Franciscan’s normal routine is to have a coffee first thing in the morning. Coffee has a lot of variations and Espresso is one of them.

Espresso is a type of strong black coffee made by forcing steam through ground coffee beans.

Did you know that espresso is much stronger than regular coffee? We didn’t!

On average one espresso shot has 63 mg of caffeine in 1 ounce, while regular coffee has 12 to 16 mg

So the question is: how many espressos can you drink in a day? Certified, coffee lovers, drink multiple times a day, however, experts recommend drinking no more than 6 espresso shots or 4 cups of coffee per day.

Espresso drink types:

There are a lot of different espresso drinks. The coffee industry has created thousands of drinks using three ingredients: water, coffee & milk. Some of the most popular espresso drinks include latte, cappuccino, macchiato, and americano! So what’s the difference between these espresso drink types?

Latte: Let’s start with Avotoasty’s best seller! A latte is made of 2oz of espresso, also known as double espresso, with steamed milk (10oz) and topped with microfoam. We have all seen latte art on the 'gram!

Latte at Avotoasty

Cappuccino: This classic Italian drink is basically a small foamier latte. It consists of a double espresso, topped with 4oz of steam milk and 2oz of foam.

Macchiato, also known as a dry cappuccino, consists of double espresso and 2oz of foamed milk. Imagine a baby cappuccino! Starbucks has made us believe that a macchiato is more like a latte, but traditionally a macchiato is 3/4 espresso and 1/4 steamed milk.

Italian Macchiato vs. Starbucks Macchiato

Americano: Forget about milk, Americano has none! An Americano is simply a double espresso that has been poured over hot water! Make sure to put the espresso OVER the water, because if you put the espresso first and then the water, that is considered a LONG BLACK! We know, it's confusing!

All of these espresso drinks, and more, are available at Avotoasty. Click to order now.

Photo via Avotoasty

Latte at Avotoasty

A study has found that it was concluded that drinking espresso is healthier than drinking regular coffee with creamer and sugar. Some of the benefits of drinking espresso are energy-boosting when you are feeling tired, and antioxidants properties that can prevent diseases. Espresso contains more natural nutrients than a cup of drip.

The methods of preparation differ between drinks and barista. Avotoasty's Espresso Recipe is: 19 grams of ground coffee, extracted for 28-31 seconds: should yield 28-31 grams of espresso. We use Sightglass flagship espresso blend, Owl’s Howl, which has flavor notes of orange and chocolate-covered cherries. The blend is 50% Colombian, 30% Ethiopian, and 20% Guatemalan.

Sightglass Pinterest

So where should you get your coffee fix when visiting San Francisco? You can find us in The Marina District, at 2760 Octavia St. We are all about avotoasts, acai bowls, salad bowls, and delicious drinks!

Photo via Avotoasty

Avotoasty is a small local woman-owned coffee shop with healthy bites to indulge your stomach and your eyes! Yes, your eyes, our food is totally Instagram-worthy!. Our promise is simple: healthy food, awesome service, and great coffee.

Avocado Toasts & Latte at Avotoasty

Avo-Toasty Day!

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