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Exploring the Lavender World

Updated: Aug 7

Lavandula, the scientific name for lavender, a member of the Lamiaceae family. This evergreen shrub has gorgeous silver-green foliage and brilliant purple flower spikes. Did you know that lavender is more than beautiful blossoms and inviting aroma? Here are some of its uses and advantages:

  • Relaxation and Aromatherapy: lavender's calming aroma is long connected to stress relief and relaxation. It has the secrets of lavender's relaxing effects and ability to promote tranquility. Lavender by the Bay essential oil can also help to improve sleeping habits and reduce anxiety.

  • Delights of the kitchen: Lavender has surprising uses in food and baking. From shortbread biscuits to lavender lemonade, lavender latte and matcha lavender latte. Have you ever tried a lavender latte or a lavender flavored matcha latte? These have quickly become one of our favorites at Avotoasty. Experiment with this aromatic herb in your kitchen and let your inner chef shine.

  • Skincare benefits: Lavender has lots of benefits for skin care, including anti-inflammatory properties - that can help reduce redness and skin irritation, and antioxidant effects - that help protect damage caused by skin radicals. Lavender can also help the growth of new skin tissue, speeding up the healing process, and lessening the visibility of scars. Some of our favorite products are Carshalton Lavender soap, Mountain and Mist Hand and Body Lotion, and Perfect Natural Facial Toner.

  • Gardening with Lavender: Lavender may be a lovely addition to your green space, as it brings a peaceful smell and create a beautiful natural setting.

  • Lavender Crafts & Do-It-Yourself Projects: Use lavender-inspired crafts and DIY projects to express your creativity. Homemade lavender candles are one example of a DIY craft. You can purchase candle kits at Lulu Sugar Candles or Lavender Beeswax Candle Kit.

People all across the world are still attracted to lavender because of its many uses and charm. Accept the magic of lavender and let its relaxing, aroma and taste inspire you on your own unique discovery.

So if you are looking for the perfect lavender matcha, come try it at Avotoasty. We are located at 1796 Union St, in San Francisco, CA. Opening soon in Oakland, CA. It's the perfect spot to chillax with our crew and snap some Instagram-worthy pics.

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